Nessie Microphone from Blue Microphones

Blue cat in colored pencilI bought the Nessie Blue Microphone for less than $100 from and tested it today. Setting it up is a breeze. You just plug it into a USB port on your computer, open the Control Panel > Sound and tell your computer that you are using Nessie for recording. It has settings for recording the voice, musical instruments, and raw mode. If you record in voice or music mode the device does some processing to eliminate distracting sounds plosives (popping P sounds), rumbling and vibrations, and sibilants (harsh sounding consonants). It automatically adjusts to variations in the level of your voice. It has a built-in feature that reduces latency (delay) to zero if you are monitoring your recording through headphones. It also is mounted on a shock absorbing stand, and it is a one-piece device. If you want to do all the processing after you record,you can record in raw mode.

I opened Audacity and recorded several minutes of audio. I definitely have a voice for silent movies, but it did by far the best job of recording my voice of any of the many mics I have used, even better than my $275 Yeti Pro.The built-in pop filter is an awesome feature. I definitely give this great, inexpensive microphone, my unqualified recommendation.


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