Recording Voice Memos on Your iPod

If you have an iPod Classic, Nano, or some older models, you can record voice memos. The Nano, 5th generation, has a built-in microphone. If you have the Classic, as I do, you can buy an inexpensive microphone that plugs into the dock connector on the iPod. I think the one I bought cost about $15-20.  You can also buy one that plugs into the headphone jack on your iPod. Before recording plug the microphone into the dock connector or the headphone jack.

1. Press the Menu option on the wheel device until the Voice Memos option appears.

2. You should see an option that displays “Start Recording“. Roll the wheel to select it.

3. A blue light should appear on your microphone, indicating you are ready to record.

4. Hold the iPod and mic a few inches from your face and speak into it.

5. At this point you can resume recording or save your recording.

6. Your recording should be listed, with a name similar to 3/20 8:30 am. You will have to plug headphones into the headphone jack of course to listen to your recording.


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