Recording Voice Memos on Your iPod

If you have an iPod Classic, Nano, or some older models, you can record voice memos. The Nano, 5th generation, has a built-in microphone. If you have the Classic, as I do, you can buy an inexpensive microphone that plugs into the dock connector on the iPod. I think the one I bought cost about $15-20.  You can also buy one that plugs into the headphone jack on your iPod. Before recording plug the microphone into the dock connector or the headphone jack.

1. Press the Menu option on the wheel device until the Voice Memos option appears.

2. You should see an option that displays “Start Recording“. Roll the wheel to select it.

3. A blue light should appear on your microphone, indicating you are ready to record.

4. Hold the iPod and mic a few inches from your face and speak into it.

5. At this point you can resume recording or save your recording.

6. Your recording should be listed, with a name similar to 3/20 8:30 am. You will have to plug headphones into the headphone jack of course to listen to your recording.


Calibrate Your Microphone in Camtasia Studio 8

Several years ago I wrote a tutorial on recording and editing digital audio in Camtasia Studio 8 and put it on the Digital Audio website ( . I am writing a more comprehensive tutorial for Camtasia Studio 8 which I should finish this summer. I just finished writing the section on calibrating (setting up) your microphone to make certain you are ready to record audio.

Calibrate Your Microphone

You should calibrate your microphone before recording to make sure it is ready to record audio and that it will record at the proper volume. You use the Audio Setup Wizard in Camtasia to accomplish this task. Plug a microphone into the microphone jack or a USB port on your computer. To calibrate your microphone:

  1. Choose Tools from the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then select Voice Narration.
  2. The Voice Narration dialog box opens. If the green horizontal bar is blinking in the area under “Source: Microphone” you should be read to record. Click the Start Recording button and speak into your mic.

3. Press the green Stop button to end the test recording. Save your file if you wish and press the space bar to listen to it. If you like the way it sounds you do not need to open the Audio Setup Wizard.

4. It is good practice to run the Audio Setup Wizard, though, and test your microphone. Click the Audio Setup Wizard button to begin the process.

5. If your microphone is not selected under Audio Device, click the down arrow and select it. Under Recording Source choose Microphone. Click the Next button.

5.1 Click the Auto Adjust Volume button.

5.2 Record the text blurb, “Since the Internet…”

5.3 If the input level is green, you are recording at a good volume level. If the top part of it is red, you should lower the input level or move away from the mic. When you are satisfied with your recording click the Finish button. You have completed the Audio Setup Wizard and are ready to record your voice narration.

My tutorial has several screen shots which I cannot copy and paste into this posting. I will post the link to the tutorial when I finish it