Getting Started with Digital Audio – What Equipment do I Need?

You need very little equipment to record digital audio. You will need a computer with a sound card. Unless you are a professional musician, or have some other special need, the sound card that came installed in your computer will probably work fine. Don’t even think about using the built-in mic on your computer or laptop or notebook computer for recording. The sound quality of your recording will be terrible. For $20-30 you can probably buy a desktop or headset microphone that will be adequate. I have aBlue Snowball Microphone Blue Snow Ball mic I bought from for $79 that I record a lot with. The audio quality of my recordings is pretty good, and my voice sounds natural. I also have a Sennheiser headset microphone I bought from Amazon for $170. I hate to have to admit this, but the Blue Snowball mic is just as good. If you have a microphone that did not come with a stand, you should buy one because you have to keep your mic steady to get a decent recording. That’s really all you need for recording audio except for a free software program such as Audacity for recording and editing. If you own an Apple computer it came with the Garageband audio program installed and it’s much more than adequate for anyone except a professional studio musician.


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