Converter that “Converts” MP3 Files to WAV Files

I am working with a professor here at Cypress who is revising the Biology Self-Assessment Modules. She created a PowerPoint presentation and I let her borrow my new expensive headset microphone to record the audio for one of the modules. There was so much noise in the recordings they were not usable. I recorded the audio for each slide in Audacity using my Blue Snowball mic to see if it did a better job. The Blue Snowball did a good job. I exported each file from Audacity as an MP3 because an MP3 is about one tenth the size of a WAV file. I tried to embed the MP3s into the slides, but locked up my computer. I tried to do this on a computer in the FRC and locked up that computer also. I looked up this problem on the Web and learned that you cannot embed any type of audio into PowerPoint except WAV files. I have to embed the files, not link to them, because I am going to have to record the PowerPoint presentation in Camtasia and add some animation such as call outs to the slides.

I found that you can go to Source and download a free converter called CDex that adds a special RIFF-WAV header to an audio file that will “fool” PowerPoint into thinking that the MP3 file is a WAV file. It changes the file extension from MP3 to WAV, but the file is the same size as the original MP3 file. I tried it and it works. You can download it here: . Be sure you download the Beta 1.70 version. I always use Firefox. It automatically checks each download for viruses.

You can find instructions on how to use the converter here:

I am going to post this message in the Digital Audio group also.


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