Advanced AudacityTutorial

I am planning to write an advanced tutorial on Audacity. Here are the topics I have come up with so far:

Possible Topics for Advanced Audacity Tutorial

Digital Audio Basics

How Sound Works
Digital Sound
Digital Audio File Formats

Choosing the Right Hardware and Software

Sound Inputs and Outputs
Choosing a Computer and Operating System
Choosing Tools for Producing Music and Sound

Setting Up Your Equipment

Setting Up Your Workspace
Connecting Hardware to Your Computer
Preparing Your Computer to Record and Produce Audio

Recording Audio in Audacity

Choosing the Right Microphone
Recording the Human Voice
Recording Podcasts
Recording Ringtones

Multitrack Recording
Mixing Voice and Background Music


Editing and Producing Audio


Cleaning Up Your Audio
Adding Special Effects
Adding Metadata
Batch Processing
Audacity Plug-Ins
Optional Libraries


Other Topics


Transferring Legacy Media to CD
Producing a Compilation CD
Ripping Vocals from a CD
Ripping Music from CDs
Producing Audio DVDs


Please feel free to suggest other topics you think should be covered. Thanks.







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