Digital Audio Dictionary

For the past several weeks I have been writing a digital audio dictionary that is unlike any I have ever seen. In it I define hundreds of audio terms, illustrating many of them with screen shots. Since Audacity is the audio program I use when working at a PC, whenever possible I used screen shots from Audacity. The dictionary covers 44 pages and totals over 4,400 words. Most of the terms come from a wonderful book by Carla Schroder, The Book of Audacity. As far as I know this is the first book ever published on Audacity, the powerful free cross-platform audio editor that works on Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux-based machines. Ms. Schroder, in addition to covering everything a person could ever want to know about Audacity, does a very good job of covering all the basic digital audio processes and terminology. You may purchase it from for $23.30 for the print edition and $15.37 for the Kindle edition.

The dictionary is being proofread by the Digital Audio Committee at Austin Community College. When we are satisfied that all the misspelled words and grammatical errors in it have been discovered and corrected I will upload it to the Digital Audio website, which you may view at


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