Importance of Good Audio in a Video

This week I attended the Educause ELI conference in Austin. One of the workshops I attended was taught by a trainer from who is also a teacher at a school of design in California. She began by showing us a video that you can view free at the Stanford University website. It showed a professor teaching a class. Students were constantly walking in front of the camera, and in the background there was a constant cacophony of loud pops, clanging, banging, rustling, and every other kind of distracting noise you can imagine. The presenter said that our eyes are hardwired to sort of adjust the quality of video as needed while we are watching it, but she said our ears have no such filtering device. We will always hear all the extraneous noises in the background.

When you shoot and produce a video, make sure the sound quality is acceptable. It is easy to open your video in a program such as Adobe Premiere or Premiere Elements and tweak the sound and improve the quality. If you need to you can export the audio track to your computer, edit it in Audacity and re-import it back into your video project.


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