Audio Courses at

The best training site I know of is at No other site even comes close. This website has literally thousands of video tutorials on literally any software program that is on the market. My college pays for a membership for me at this great website and I use it almost every day. Since this is a blog about digital audio I will only talk about some of the many audio courses it features. Currently offers 336 courses that deal at least in part with audio. Some of the titles are:

  • Foundations of Audio
  • Audio and Video for PowerPoint
  • Audio Mixing Bootcamp
  • Pro Tools
  • Flash Audio
  • Digital Audio Principles
  • Garageband ’11 – I have taken this excellent course.

Membership only costs $25 a month if you do not want access to the exercise files. If you want the exercise files a membership will cost you $375 a year. If you spend a lot of time working with computer software programs do yourself a favor and check out


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