Two New (To Me) Audio Programs

I have just learned about two audio programs you might want to try,
Sonic Memo and CDex. Sonic Memo is not free; it costs $69.95, so I
will not download it. CDex is free, and I am going to try it out.

Sonic Memo automatically generates the code to enable you to associate
MP3 files with Flash buttons you want to control them with. For
example: You record an MP3 file outside of Sonic Memo. You type in the
name of your file, select the Flash buttons you want to use to play it
from a list, and Sonic Memo writes the code to make the buttons work.
It works with both PCs and Macs. As I said earlier, for me the price
is a deal breaker, so I am not going to try it.

CDex is a CD ripper as a WAV file, or you can compress it using an
audio encoder. It supports the Lame MP3 encoder (which I use), the Ogg
vorbis encoder, the Windows MP3 encoder, and several others I am not
yet familiar with. It can also convert WAV files on your computer to a
Compressed Audio file and visa versa. The website does not say it
works with Windows 7, but I am going to download it and find out if it
does. It does not work on Apple computers.


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